Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trump supporters taken for a ride?

I think you can discount at least 90% of the promises he made during the campaign. If you think he was an idiot, unfit for the job of president this is a good thing now when those promises will have no skin.

I reckoned he doesn't really need his supporters any more after they have elected him. Come 2020 even if there were another Trump like character, these chastened voters who backed him would not be fooled again. Also there is never going to be enough supporters so angry with him for bad faith that it would threaten his chance of re-election. If he fails to keep the job for another term that would be his performance and bad luck. Hillary Clinton had bad luck and treachery against her. Trump plunged politics to new lows.

Time will probably show his erstwhile supporters that Trump is more like yet another of those elites they hate. This would be the biggest con of his career - millions of voters.

I haven't change my mind that he could be a tyrant in disguise. These are early days and there is enough time to observe and make up my mind. Suffice to say the costs of his early stupid promises would have such severe consequences including those who voted for him, it would be truly dumb to act on them!

But words matter and so this man in my view is a disgrace and unfit for the job. The world doesn't deserve clowns like him to scare us for nothing. There must be a way to make him pay for all these nonsense, if anything to serve as a warning to others who might try and totally discredit the whole campaign process.

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  1. He has been conning people all his life. Not even sure he knows he is doing it, it is second nature to him.