Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump meets Obama in the Oval Office

I was fortunate to have caught the one by ABC News and then compare it with the White House version. The ABC News version played beyond the White House one. Don't know why the editors didn't let it roll because as the session with the media wrapped up, Trump said of Obama, "Very good man"

Obama will be one of America's greatest presidents. Remember he saved them from the next Depression. When he was still in office I tended to say history will be kind to Barack Obama.

Here is the ABC News version. (Check play position at 3:00 min)

The White House version, only for comparing.

I first picked this up from ST on my phone. "a tone of deference" Trump must privately have been in awe how Obama tackled the job. In fact if he could he would gladly spend more than the 90 minutes he had with Obama. He admitted as much.

I only wish Trump would have a sense of how ignorant and inadequate he is. I am sure Obama the ever gracious patriot will advise Trump if he approach him even as he see his legacy being dismantled. That would be living up to the spirit of America  and the Constitution which is bigger than any of them. 

Barack Obama is a true Christian. They no longer need to insinuate that he is a closet Muslim any more. Were he a Muslim which he isn't, they would be proud of him too. 

Now would Trump turn out to be the tyrant like the one who overthrew the Roman Republic long ago? I hope to God no. Show us Donald Trump that you are a patriot too.

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