Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The most un-American President

We take our flag probably more seriously than any other democratic government. For Trump to say that is a most un-American thing. The only government who can beat him to that on the downside is Kim Jong-Un. He will execute you for burning the DPRK flag.

Those who imagine Trump would have a successful presidency are in denial. His out of control temperament practically guarantee not if but when Congress will impeach him. Don't even need to dig up his many conflict of interests to do that.

Just wait. I hope he is kicked out before he launches a nuclear war. My worry is that Congress is full of feckless and vile Republicans. Show us you have got the bollocks to do what is right.

When the silent majority who failed to turn up to vote against Trump gets a lot more motivated than on November 8 are roused then Trump is finished. Before that it is hard to imagine Congress acting. On this I hope I am wrong.

Feels a lot safer with Pence moving from VP to P.


  1. You really dont know what can of worm will open if trump goes down. Itsnt what trump will do, its what those people will do.

  2. My greatest fear is that Trump becomes accepted. This will open the door to many others like him into public life. For once, I respect LKY's insistence on keeping riff-raff out of politics.