Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Terrex issue: Zaobao better than EL media

ST and the rest of the EL media have been carrying this story of our Terrexes stuck in HK customs but not Zaobao on their front page. This shows Zaobao understand this issue better than the EL media especially when you consider the CL version of Global Times is much more accessible to CL readers here, the pressure is greater.

People have been messaging me about how the Chinese continue to bully us. We can't stop anyone from trying but we can choose how to respond. We already show them our One-China policy is larger and deeper than their reading of this core interest. If we did not "play both sides" we would have been far less useful. That was why Xi jinping and Ma Yingjeou could not find a better place to meet each other than here.

Most likely we have become the beating boy of some internal power play among their leaders. This will boil over as long as we manage this shrewdly. This is just a small irritation compared to the damage we had to lived with when we caned Michael Fay.

What Singapore needs to always is the ability to stick around long enough to show they we were right. To do that we need to stay strong always. After several years, President Clinton publicly admitted we did the right thing with Fay.

Update: 8:05 pm

China acting silly. This is not for the professionals but the ignorant masses. It will be awhile before the average guy learns to distinguish false news. During the transition or learning period everyone is most at risk.

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