Friday, November 11, 2016

Singapore's shrewd response to Trump

I  noticed we were quick to congratulate him. We might even be the first but it is too much trouble to confirm this.

What is important to Trump? Himself of course but to be meaningful what is he going to do to achieve that? It has got to be what he said when he decided to run for president. He will get the money to fix or rebuild US crumbling infrastructure and give jobs to these folks.

Tiny us had the misfortune of being mentioned in the same breadth as big China for stealing US jobs. That small guy quibble with us over 220 jobs lost when Baxter moved a facility here.

Our PM's second letter to him and his VP-elect.

Our leaders are learning rapidly and adapting ourselves to deal with this bad faith guy. Can it be done? I am fully confident we can.

I am very sure he will love us but all the same this man is unfit to be president. Then we have got to help the Chinese understand this rogue because they too Chinese to do that on their own.


The Promises of President-Elect Donald Trump, in His Own Words.

Congratulatory letters from PM Lee Hsien Loong to US President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Michael Pence.

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