Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Looking for Jesus? Don't ask the Evangelical Christians

I have seen over and over again how gullible and even stupid many American evangelicals are but I never knew how many until this election. Four out of five voted for Trump. BBC caught up with them and offer listeners the story.

From the Washington Post:

If ever you want to know what Jesus and his followers ought to be like, please avoid these Evangelicals. I have been wondering if they are really Christians, just as for quite a while some wonder if Al Qaeda and Daesh are Muslims.

I am not going to judge them but I will protect myself and family against them. I have Christian friends sending me articles about Trump as God's chosen one. You can find lots of such material on YouTube. So many preachers plugging for Trump. How about when the right time comes, you also support his impeachment. That would go some way toward redeeming yourself.

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