Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Impeach Trump for President Pence

I vividly recall and tracked the prediction of two persons who suggested Trump would win the elections. There is a third person, the new bond king Gundlach but I didn't find him enlightening or offer any usable insight. Sot the two were Prof Allan Lichtman and the award winning documentary maker Michael Moore. Moore insight was the more usable of the two. Now that is history and we have president elect Trump. What is important now is what is next. Prof Lichtman suggests that Trump would be impeached and Michael Pence would succeed him. I warmly welcome that. Trump is totally unfit to be president.

Donald Trump, Secretary Colin Powell said you are a disgrace to America as president and I agree with that 100%

Note I am careful to use a respected Republican and also a news channel friendly to GOP interests to make my point.

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