Friday, November 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton will overcome her loss

I am confident that Hillary Clinton would cope and overcome her loss. The reason is simple: she has not lost the meaning and purpose of her service and life. If Trump had lost and he was expecting that, he would have gone on to create Trump TV and re-frame himself into a winner. His first story would be the elections were rigged against him and in that sense he didn't lose.

Hillary Clinton will triumph because like Barack Obama she serves a purpose higher than herself.

The Christians prayed and God answered their prayer (sic) as they were against the social agenda of the Democratic Party which I am also unfriendly to. Where I differ from these Christians is the path from here. They think God is on their side but I think better worry if you are on God's side. They failed to be light and salt to the world and so they use the government as their proxy. They forget that Jesus said to Pilate his kingdom is not like those of this world. That is the reason why they have landed themselves with two bad choices.

I have no time to investigate but my hunch is that time will exonerate Hillary Clinton from accusations of corruption. Already evidence is emerging that most of the allegations against her were just plain lies passed off as news. These fake news lapped up by the majority causing the Oxford Dictionary to adopt "post fact" as the word of the year!

Meanwhile Americans have four years and I hope less to repent from their foolish choice. The rest of us as price takers just have to stomach the foolishness of Trump. When this is over we would have learned some pretty unforgettable lessons.


  1. I am not sure what Americans are thinking. Perhaps they just want to tear the present system down and think about rebuilding later. I can happen anywhere when people are desparate. Even here. If the gvernment does not address inequality, legislating unfainess will only postpone the inevitable.

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  3. Simply don't understand why people would support a totally corrupted bitch like Hillary. She is so screw up with her hysterical ambition that she wanted to push Russia harder and harder to the brink of a war between US and Russia.

    This is not to mention that she took money from Saudi and Qatar and supported terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS to topple Assad.

    She had already screwed Libya so badly that terrorists there are murdering innocent men, women and children.

    This bitch had lots of innocent people's blood on her hands!

    1. These are allegations and not evidence in an environment which has plenty of fake news and lots of people who didn't want or have no time to fact check or do the hard work of investigating.

      Why investigate her over emails when according to you she is guilty of worse crimes and should be investigated for these instead?