Friday, November 4, 2016

Gullible American voters

Most of these rural voters aren't well educated or familiar with global issues and may be even their national issues. If you are a Republican you vote GOP. Doesn't matter if the guy on the ticket is clearly unfit for the job. Their political party is supposed to be the gate keeper to offer them a suitable nominee for President. This time they failed badly.

The GOP has gerrymander and gamed the system for too long, a bunch of cynical pols who traffic in lies and conspiracy theories because there are too many poorly read and uneducated white voters who are gullible to such tactics purveyed over new media. I watched how they put their party ahead of their nation. I would not be sad to see their party gutted and demolished. Time to create a new political party.

Update: 2:00 pm

As good as no newspaper has endorsed Trump.

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  1. unlike us, their constitution can withstand any president (good, bad or ugly) the voters fancy. to me their presidency is more for freedom and self achievements - anyone can be a president like first black or first female.
    for us thankfully we dont have a situation like no fish prawn also can!