Sunday, November 13, 2016

FBI blamed for Hillary Clinton loss

Even if Hillary Clinton did not say so many would have thought so. Had she won the elections the verdict would have been it she could have gotten more votes.

The FBI director must pay a heavy price for abusing his independence. He has suffered a huge loss of reputation and credibility. If he has any honor, he should resign. If Trump turned out to be a tyrant in the end then he ought go and shoot himself in the head. With both houses controlled by the Republicans his job is safe but morally compromised.

History will be kind to Hillary Clinton because time will show that she was the victim of perverse lies persistently told until they appear true. In fact it had become politically correct to question her integrity.

Trump's path to power has the tire marks of a tyrant. I would be happiest to be wrong on this one.

No doubt Giuliani big mouth admitting on Fox News that he had FBI insiders feeding him the mischief they were doing to Hillary Clinton would come back and haunt him.

The outcome of this election would not be changed but the new president will suffer a huge loss of credibility because he didn't win it fairly. Talk about legitimacy, Trump was the leader of the birther movement decrying that Obama was not born in America and therefore an illegitimate president. Perhaps he is the one that is illegitimate.


  1. Trump of today has been 70 years in the making. He is a wheeler dealer and a salesman. An effective one, I admit, but morally empty. I do not know what sort of epiphany it will take to change him but not holding my breath. He has too many skeletons and it is likely he will resign or be impeached. A very sorry state of affairs. The world needed a Clinton.

  2. Funny its clinton who will be impeached if she ever elected. Now with trump winning, we going to see lots of skeleton in the closet. Definitely not trump closet.