Friday, November 18, 2016

Edmund Kwok: Yet another unfortunate witness

If you spot one cockroach you know there must be others. Edmund Kwok was spotted but now I know there are quite a few others like him who aren't caught yet. Even more are pornographers.

I had to explain to my ex boss recently that Christians are a rare specie now. They have lost the label to false believers.

Who do you think are Pope Francis most bitter enemies? Many of the cardinals, bishops and priests. The hypocrites who live in their bubble. They could never take up the Pope's challenge to be more inclusive. They will keep their bubble and risk everything else like they just had by voting Trump to the oval office. They are the modern heirs to the Pharisees of Jesus' day. They split hairs on points of theology but never want to live the Bible. They have their modern equivalent of  "not working on the Sabbath", "washing their hands and feet before meals" they are known as staunch Christians rather than spiritual or compassionate believers. I am tired of them saying "good reminder" to devotionals at the chat group. Perhaps one day I would tell them if they have to be reminded then they must not have been living the charitable Christian life.

Yes, Christians would rather go to church, say grace at meals, meet in cell groups for bible studies even go on mission trips to the third world but they will not live the Christian life at home or workplace. They are Christians but nobody know what a Christian is any more. You know what the Christian life is? It is not what you commonly see.

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  1. You used the right word "charity" and there is another "mercy". Both derive from love. A "Christian" with no Love is no Christian.