Friday, November 18, 2016

Dumb: Gullible investors must remember to stay calm

This is just dumb. You are supposed to remain calm all the time as an investor but this is not the reason why I am blogging about this. Most people are poor voters as I also was before. I learned from the 2011 GE as prior to that voting at elections were so easy, no need to think too much.

At the end of the day foremost we are choosing leaders to act on our behalf and they must be accountable. Often the issues of governance and policy are too complex and time consuming for voters to understand, so to be practical most of the time we have to choose the people we have entrusted to act in our best interests. It is perverse to see how often we want the government to be transparent which is actually a good thing but please understand most of us do not have the ability or time to examine the details of policies and why they are the right ones. To do that we foster a vibrant civil society, each group with deep expertise to critique policies which they have to wherewithal to do a good job. However we must bear in mind that such pressure groups are narrowly focused and they regularly promote their self interest before the interest of society.

I saw how the Americans put Trump in the White House, a really foolish choice but it also dawned on me that most voters under similar circumstances would most likely have done the same. We are our own worst enemies. We are so gullible and too few are shrewd enough to matter.

Looks like we need to be lucky all the time for democracy to work. Our greed and fear when they are unfettered lead to yawning wealth gaps and divisions which at some point all but guarantee democracy will fail.

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