Thursday, November 10, 2016

Donald Trump yesterday and tomorrow

I have not blogged for so many days and I rue the many missing posts because I have simply been too busy. Lots to record about the US elections and if I ever get the chance to write it here would have to be in retrospect.

This morning I received this sermon by an Aussie preacher regarding a prophecy of Donald Trump. I wouldn't have bothered with it except that I had seen it months ago and was so put off by it, I skipped large parts of it and in fact even forgot its content. Now I had reviewed it again since an old friend sent it to me.

The trouble with this very clear speaking an articulate pastor is that he is suffering from the Dunn Kruger effect and false equivalence many times over! The preacher didn't do his homework and just went ahead an insert his cognitive bias from too much warped study of the Bible with probably no skin in the game.

If you are dumb and gullible like many American voters you would love and buy it. No wonder Trump spoke of bombing ISIS and admiring Putin. It is in that video months before he used it. He might even have picked it up from this preacher.

Received from another friend:

Again I had seen this before. So this is some prophesied leader God is sending the Christians and mankind? I think time will show that they are badly mistaken. But I fear for them that to the very end they would still be clueless. They can no longer tell right from wrong. Some strange god they worshiped.

I had also been sharing with a few people two links if you permit me a pun, the secular prophet Andrew Sullivan explaining what we are dealing with in Donald Trump.

From the New York Magainze:

I told my ex boss who sent me the first article that there is another more plausible way to understand Plato. It was not so much his foresight but his deep understanding of human nature. George Washington which was quoted in the second article had also the same deep insight into the average person's psyche. 

Time will show that Trump is only for himself. He is unfit to be president of any nation much less the USA. 

Update: Nov 13 1:25pm 

Just checked and found out on Snopes that the picture quoting Trump disparaging the GOP as stupid turned to be false: See

I was misled this time but it also highlighted another problem. Given how Trump has been conducting himself publicly and carried to us in the media, and with so many heavy weights declaring him unfit to be president, would you not think statements like that consistent with the man?

As usual I would not cover up my mistake by simply deleting and pretended I never made it. 

Why didn't Trump reveal his tax returns. As Warren Buffett said, he must have something to hide. When you have a bad rep, false bad rep also stick to you. 

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