Saturday, November 12, 2016

"Christians" helped to elect Trump

I just read this from Desiring God the site co-founded by John Piper.

Clearly Trump didn't do enough and also it was simply in character of him not to after the election to do more than just give a typical victory speech. Nobody could do this for him. The right calming words and disapproval of bad behavior has got to come from the president-elect himself.

These Christians who had backed him could have helped but where were they? Just as there are terrorists borrowing the banner of Islam, there are "legal" terrorists under the banner of Christianity. This group capacity to terrorize is far greater. Now if Trump carried out his threat, they are going to make war on each other and bring the on the Apocalypse? I don't know but people ought watch and pray, learn to understand what is going on.

How do you tell people the good news of Jesus? Looks like he has gone on leave and the Devil has taken over. Because the Christians did not just support Trump, they have gone as far as touting him as God's gift to them! I get this bad feeling that Lawrence Khong welcome and praise God for the election of Trump.

Too bad.

Update: 3:05pm

Robert Reich the labor secretary under Bill Clinton contributed this article to the Guardian. In Trump style, I have great respect for Prof Reich and felt troubled when he withdrew support for Hillary Clinton to support Bernie Sanders instead. I thought back then it might foretelling something bad to come.

I excerpt from Reich's article below.

I know how the Christians think as I grew up in their community. To them this is a David beating Goliath story and it must be from God because only he can pull this off! 

I am no longer a kid, I know the hypocrisy of the Christians. This is so superficial. Most of them have no idea the underlying social, economic and political forces that converge until breaking point to create Trump's election. A seizure of power by an opportunist who is a tyrant at heart is a better explanation of what has happened. Now the Americans have to seriously think and understand what is happening and how to stop him. Count themselves lucky if they could do it with the ballot box four years later but you can expect Trump to adapt from Putin's play book. Don't be stupid, people think  and act like those they admire and Trump admires Putin a lot. Unlucky this could be the Americans last election as they have always known. 

Didn't they somehow conspire to use the FBI to damage Hillary Clinton's chances. In the near future books on this issue will be written. I hope to check out some of them when they are published. 

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