Thursday, November 10, 2016

A cynical alternative to the lost TPP

What an oxymoron, this is a serious joke.

The TPP is vital to our security but cynically it is easy to replace. Just get the Trump organization to heavily invest in a growing Asia, offering him irresistible terms (this is protection money). Help him to get rich and at the same time he has every incentive to protect the peace and prosperity here. He can't get rich as quickly and "bigly" back in the US as he can in Asia. The pools of money are also better accumulated in the manner that is easy and convenient to deploy.

Again this is only a serious joke, an oxymoron.

Now for a moment imagine this was Hillary Clinton, no go further back, count every past president including Nixon. My suggestion would be so stupid and absurd I would be too embarrassed to post it here, and I was always only blogging for myself.

Such crazy imaginings is what happened when the one in the Oval Office is unfit for the job.

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