Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Smart students skip NUS orientation camps

Come on, NUS and the other universities are not sufficiently motivated to get on top of this annual recurrent issue. This damn game has been going on for years and I only need to check with my daughter and her friends to confirm that.

For the vast majority of students they will find these orientation programs are unnecessary. They never deliver anyway on helping you make friends and find your way around the various schools. How I wished more kids would be worldly wise enough  to do their homework than give into to fear and kiasuism. Boycott these programs or select to go to good ones e.g., the VCF or any of the religious groups.

My daughter just forwarded this email from NUS. Waste of time. So what if they conduct the briefing every year. These miscreants know the school would not take disciplinary action against them. This is only the beginning like it was in other colleges in America. Who knows if the rape culture there is gradually making its way to here too. Just waiting for the first incident to happen and unlike US laws, we are far better looking after our women. Some people in future are going to try this and we will jail them and cane them properly. Where are the local universities leadership going to hide their face by then? What are they waiting for?

NUS Students

26 July 2016

Dear Students


1.         The National University of Singapore (NUS) takes an extremely serious view of the recent media reports and feedback received on instances of offensive and inappropriate orientation activities.

2.         Orientation is intended to welcome and introduce freshmen to the NUS community. The University expects that orientation activities are carried out in ways that fully respect the dignity of all participants, regardless of gender. Our students, particularly freshmen, must feel safe, secure and respected at all times during orientation. If any student elects to opt out of an orientation activity, his or her decision must be respected and adhered to.

3.         NUS does not condone any behaviour or activity that denigrates the dignity of individuals. In particular, any sexual innuendo or connotation is deemed improper.

4.         Every year, before the start of the orientation period at NUS, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) conducts briefing sessions for students involved in organising and leading orientation activities. The attendees would include student orientation leaders from NUS Students’ Union, Clubs, Societies, Freshmen Orientation Committees, project directors, and Junior Common Room Committees of Halls of Residence.

5.         During these sessions, OSA would go through the do’s and don’ts of orientation. It would be mandatory for students to go through the materials, which cite examples of inappropriate activities. The list of banned activities would be clearly conveyed and students would be made aware that offenders would face strong disciplinary action.

6.         Beyond these briefings, all proposed orientation programmes and activities must be endorsed and cleared with relevant supervisors, such as Hall Masters and Vice Deans, as well as OSA, before these are allowed to proceed. Supervisors would flag out and give instructions to student leaders to remove any inappropriate activity. Separately, from the beginning of the year, OSA had worked with the Deaneries of Faculties, and the Masters of Halls of Residence and Residential Colleges on the steps needed to ensure the appropriateness of all planned student orientation activities.

7.         We are very disappointed that in spite of all the above efforts, instances of offensive and inappropriate orientation activities have surfaced. These activities are neither approved nor endorsed. NUS takes a very serious views of these incidents and is carrying out thorough investigations. Strong disciplinary action will be taken against those found responsible.

8.         To reiterate the above message, OSA has met with student leaders of ongoing and forthcoming camps to remind them on the guidelines for acceptable orientation activities. NUS staff will also be on site at these camps.

9.         Any student who has concerns with orientation activities can contact the following staff at OSA on a strictly confidential basis:

Mr Seetow Cheng Fave (Tel: +65 8181 1684; Email: osascf@nus.edu.sg)
Ms Grace Chan (Tel: +65 9004 9217; Email: osacjlg@nus.edu.sg)

10.       I would like to assure all students that NUS is committed to providing students with a safe and secure environment that is conducive for learning and growth. Thank you.

With best wishes

Prof Bernard Tan
Acting Provost 

Update: June 27 12:15pm

They are finally getting serious about this?

Update June 27 1:25 pm

Good to see the public outraged over this. Shame on you NUS. As they rightly pointed out that htis has been going on year after year.

Update: June 28 9:35pm

The student leaders responsible for activities like these? You forget this is the year 2016 and there are so many smartphone clips shot by of all people, probably your friends. With such friends you don't need enemies. A clip like this could very well ensure that you would not graduate from NUS. I remember from my time as a student there that you could expelled for bringing disrepute to the name of the university.

Count yourselves lucky that NUS would not publicly shamed you but I like to think your degree could be gone. Better show some remorse and beg for mercy. The parents of these freshmen would be asking for your skin and your parents would be totally outraged at your behavior.

Update: June 29 6:10 pm

The email from the Provost to all students. Some of them are going to be severely disciplined.


1.    We have received recent information that there have been instances of unauthorised and unsupervised freshmen activities despite the University’s earlier instructions on this matter. Some students have flouted the rules, and behaved in an unacceptable manner in organising freshmen activities.
2.    With immediate effect, all student-organised freshmen activities at NUS (such as orientation camps, and freshmen activities in Halls, Residential Colleges, etc.) are suspended until further notice. Those responsible for unacceptable freshmen activities as well as unauthorised freshmen activities will be brought before the University’s Board of Discipline.
3.    The Freshmen Inauguration Ceremonies, Welcome Receptions by Deans, Heads of Department and Masters, as well as Faculty and Department briefings, will continue as scheduled. The NUSSU Rag and Flag activities, which raise funds for 22 Singapore charities, will continue.
4.    Freshmen orientation activities at NUS serve to welcome and introduce our freshmen to the university community. The University expects that orientation activities are carried out in ways that are fully respectful of the dignity of all those participating. Our students, particularly freshmen, must feel safe and secure at all times during orientation.
5.    The instances of unacceptable behaviour and activities that have surfaced this week play no part in a university education. They are out of line, and should never have happened. It is totally unacceptable for freshmen to be exposed to such situations.
6.    The University is conducting thorough investigations into these unacceptable as well as unauthorised activities. Any student who has concerns with freshmen activities can contact the NUS Office of Student Affairs at osabox15@nus.edu.sg on a strictly confidential basis.
7.    Please approach your Dean/Hall Master/Residential College Master if you have any feedback or concerns.
8.    Thank you.

Prof Tan Eng Chye
Deputy President (Academic Affairs) and Provost

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