Monday, July 18, 2016

Nice tragedy suggests how to defeat Daesh

Quoting the French PM in the article,

MrValls defended France’s record
on attacks, saying security services
had prevented 16 over three years
and said ISIS’ modus operandi of cajoling
unstable people into staging
attackswashard tocombat.
Daesh gives unstable individuals
an ideological kit that allows them
to make sense of their acts... This is
probably what happened in Nice’s
case,” he said, referring to the Arabic
acronym for ISIS.

Immediately that suggest an obvious strategy to use against Daesh. Turn them into losers and they will not be attractive to these criminals and deviants as some ideological kit to give them them confidence and motivation to carry out their heinous acts. It is important that Daesh is humiliated and defeated soundly in any places where they have claims to territory.

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