Monday, July 4, 2016

Need stronger and more attractive Islam

This war against Islamic Terrorism is not about bodies but ideas and hearts. Many must be shocked to read that the perpetrators of the attack in Dhaka were all youths from affluent families. I suppose they had everything in life except meaning. Pity they didn't have something to worry about keeping them alive searching for answers. Since they were already nominally Muslim, what they failed to receive is a less known peaceful and truer Islam. If you are not a Muslim reading this you won't know what I mean. Myself I only know it not from Islam directly but Christianity. How true Christianity is not as often taught vis a vis Prosperity and Self Help Christianity. At least the Christian versions in this age do not resort to violence, which it once did. I hope we never return to that, but you never know do you?

Look at this, what sort of deviant Buddhism is this? Of all the religions, the commitment to non violence is clear in Buddhism but for the wickedness of man which exists across all religion. These people also need the peaceful and truer Buddhism.

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