Sunday, June 5, 2016

Pink Dot runs out of space

I see the Pink Doters ran out of space at Hong Lim Park and instead of fighting for more physical space that chose to be creative instead. Good on them. Meanwhile for the first time Lawrence Khong didn't appear on my Facebook news feed, perhaps I am too soon in saying so, this is good. I am sure they are wearing white to church services today.

Pink or white, keep it local and I prefer not to see both sides assailing each other on social media. I know the next turn of history belongs to the Pink Doters. LGBT has grown a letter to LGBTQ. Last year that had nine corporate sponsors. This year it has grown to eighteen.

Wear white should spend more time asking themselves what sort of white they are. Whitewashed tombs or true white. Make sure that you are whiter than the men in white first.

Remember for us it has got to be because we are different, we are one people. In the same way Singaporeans of different faiths, beliefs and convictions are making the trip together back to Mt. Kinabalu one year after an earthquake took many young lives and some of their teachers and guides.

We can have family quarrels and it can be a good thing. Just make sure you know each other well enough first before you fight.

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