Sunday, June 26, 2016

Obama: Among America's Greatest Presidents

I have mentioned a couple of times before that history will be much kinder to Obama than what he has been unfairly getting as a sitting President. I am glad he is starting to sell his record and educate the American public on the issues of the future and without mentioning names or name calling explains Donald Trump is an insane idea.

The story from Businessweek summarizes his achievements. Sure there is no mention of failures and anyone doing that job will always have more than enough to regret over but any honest person would be hard put to compare his record against most of those who did the job before him, especially his immediate predecessor.

And the guy labored under the following conditions to get the job done, which in other words America could have been several times better today but it was also an inescapable result of America's founding fathers foresight to make sure the United States remain in business. See below.

Now, I’m always careful about drawing too many easy parallels there, because sometimes there are CEOs who come in and start explaining to me how I should be running the presidency. And I sometimes have to stop them and say, “All right. One, I appreciate your advice. But imagine a situation in which half your board and management were actively trying to get rid of you and prevent you from accomplishing anything. And you had 2 million employees, and you couldn’t fire a large portion of them. And your competitors weren’t simply promoting their own products, but were continually saying how your products were the worst that were ever invented and will cause a civilizational crisis. If you pull that all together, then you’ve got about half of what I’m dealing with on a daily basis.

It is more than a pity, a tragedy in fact that Britons had David Cameron and his colleagues instead of Obama and his team of rivals.


  1. Hi Peng You, you gotta read this. And be in awe :

    1. Thanks very much JG for sharing. It was a very good read. He will continue to impact the world after he leaves office but not before his 3 to 4 months of catching up on sleep.