Monday, June 27, 2016

Brexit: Vulnerable voters and Scumbags

From the NYT which provided quite a good summary. I record this to remind us never to ever go down the same path the British just did. Socioeconomic conditions have created a serious wealth gap leading to widespread disenfranchised voters. They became emotionally vulnerable to exploitation and as always if prey is present, predators will appear.

Now I hope a broad sweep of the American media picks this up and compare Boris Johnson to Donald Trump. Do not lose big by voting the wrong person. Political leaders across the world do their place in history not favors if they have no plan to fix the gaps in societies. To permit the circumstances which make for emotionally vulnerable voters to persist is to destroy all the good work that had gone before.

As long as such voters exist in large numbers it is a time bomb. With mad people in power through freak elections, even the privileged should fear for their wealth. Their stupid policies will sink economies while threatening security everywhere at the same time. Rich and poor will all be worse off. By then it would be too late to blame anyone but yourselves.

Update: 6:25 pm

No great rush to leave the EU? Perhaps he never wanted to leave in the first place because unlike Donald Trump, this scumbag is smarter and knew he would have a revolt at home and be kicked out of No.10 when the daily lives of the average Briton takes a huge hit. That would surely come if he Brexit asap.

This guy was just trading and using everything to satisfy his ambition to be PM. Looks like nothing is sacred to him. Untrustworthy and lacking in integrity but can be very impressive on show. I only remember him because when he visited the Istana as London Mayor he took the MRT instead of a chauffeured limo.

This is a dangerous man and should never be allowed to be PM of the UK. Sadly his type are always among us but it is not a problem until voters become vulnerable to demagoguery. The Achilles Heel of Democracy.

Update: June 28 2:45 pm

I just saw this and since I already posted on this subject, I had to add this as well.

Very sad when the average politician you don't trust but might not have a choice and the political stars are downright criminally dishonest.

So just in case nobody has the strength to say, "Long lives the Queen" she had to say it herself. I deeply admire and respect her character and example.

ST is too bereft of talent these days. That wasn't a joke! Even me a neophyte trying to get up to speed here could tell. I have been thinking of giving up my subscription. Only the comfort of a silly habit has kept me on with them. 

Update: June 28 10:30pm

Why these "Leave" or pro Brexit pols are scumbags. CNN Money summarizes it well. The British people must be wondering with such vile characters trying to represent them, who can they trust? This is a warning to us here. If it can happen to the UK, it doesn't take a lot to manifest here. 

The very active British and US media is going to make such shots heard around the world. Liar, liar your pants are on fire! 

June 29 6:00 pm

I don't think many Singaporeans bother to follow closely what happen in the UK until they do something mad to impact all of us. Vox provided the backstory leading the the ill fated referendum which led to Brexit. 

David Cameron would be enshrined in British history as their worst PM. The man is no better than his school mate Boris Johnson. Look beyond the Tories to Labour as well. The whole political class in the UK is gutted of any moral principles except to gain and hold on to power at all costs. 

Beside making up my mind how to place my bets, the far more important reason is what is happening to the UK today could easily be our reality some day. If so, they would probably be the end of Singapore. The most evil thing about this is that most of us would be clueless we are heading down this road until it is too late.

July 4 8:30 pm

The filename I had for this picture was "Farage asshole" which is now uploaded here. But I thought scumbag was a more apt description.

Update: July 23 6:25pm

Even the considered view also think so!


  1. Calling scumbag require a fortune teller skill, do u have one?

    1. It was on TV. As he exited his home they were calling him that.