Saturday, May 21, 2016

Politics: Doing too little for the disabled.

As always I was in the car when I caught this program over radio yesterday. I am so glad to see it appear on Facebook with the link to the interview.

"Pest" was the word that caught my attention. I quote them.

That is how Aw felt about the ministers. Is it true? I think so because my ever candid former boss had gotten that from them as well. I am not VIP enough to experience this.

But Aw is not giving up, kudos to him! Eventually he or someone will succeed. To me it is a matter of time. Actually the time was yesterday for those who understand this but politically it is not pressing enough, too capital costly to do it now.

The widest gap in the world is in politics. The gap between idealism and realism.

Update: May 22 4:50 pm

Our system is quite good at engaging with situations like this. A true and most important simple enough story that is easy enough to make a TV story out of. If you have Tourette's syndrome, Asperger's Syndrome etc., you are out of luck.

We are much better at demonstrative and copycat love and care than loving from the heart. It is just human nature. Mother Teresa had often observed and spoken about the greatest poverty in the world which she identified to be the poverty of love. But as a policy maker you cannot afford to be idealistic and hence impractical dealing with matters of the heart. You have to be satisfied with the practical and if it is superficial so be it.

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