Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Korea: Why not be like Incheon?

A disaster averted thanks to the world class airport management at Incheon. Unfortunately the badly run Korean Air obviously Korean as well fared much worse. Their attitude toward safety is so typically Korean. It had no permission to stop at the intersection putting at risk of other planes colliding with it. But I think the bigger problem is not this but that there is no news if the Korean Air pilots were suspended. In other words the damn unsafe work culture hasn't changed. They had learned nothing from their previous world headline grabbing disasters. One wonders why they can't replicate the professionalism and quality of Incheon to the rest of their organizations.

The list in Wikipedia of the disasters experienced by Korean Air is very long.

Kudos for the SQ pilots for saving the day. A few seconds of inattention and slower response the 1.6 km finally separating the two planes would have easily been zero! It would be a disaster.

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