Saturday, May 7, 2016

Giving up on the Economist

Can you believe this? Singapore ranks higher than Indonesia on cronyism. You asked yourself how did they perform such magic with numbers, what boxes or categories were they using, something based on impractical economic theory? Because the boss wants an index and you have to make one since he or she is a pedantic economist?

I decide to blog with this example but there had been many. My point? I allowed my subscription to lapse. The Economist has lost it and mainly because they have caught religion and worse could not improve since they have no skin in the game with their advice.

They need more people to give up their subscriptions before they would learn. Finally that is skin.


  1. Ugly face, mirror fault


    1. Haha! like as I had chosen a example easily available to me today instead of another one. Could have picked any across the world and even in history as well but today that's the one.