Wednesday, May 4, 2016

CSJ: A political master stroke

This is a powerful stroke from CSJ. If he moved you and you have come to trust the man then by all means vote for him. Never vote for any party or anyone out of fear. Neither be emotionally captured because they come across as so sincere such that you believe because you want to. In other words do not act like the typical emotionally unstable participant in financial markets but be more like a weighing machine looking for true character and value. Regrettably you will not be able to weigh a candidate accurately because there is no way you know the person well enough through our system of lightning quick and short campaigning.

For me I am not looking at any of these at all. I have only one vote and what mattered at the end of the day is not how I voted but how others do. If we are a people that criminals and scammers find hard to cheat vis a vis those elsewhere then I know on average our voters are wiser. At the end of the day that is what mattered. Every aspiring politician must also assess what voters are like and decide if it is worth it. If I were a Filipino I don't think their elections usually make sense. My Filipino friends are smart but I can't say the same for their mostly overly romantic compatriots who cannot understand what is good for them and vote like they are living the movies. Totally unreal. Nevertheless I think people eventually learn from their bad choices but that could be a very long time.

Update: May 5 7:50am

Of all things in the world I am going to update this post with an example from the UK: Brexit and Boris Johnson support for exiting the EU.

Getting out of the EU is a popular but a bad idea for the British people. My point? I fear one day we will have our own versions of Boris Johnsons. When that time comes would voters be shrewd enough to known and understand what is best for them?

Update: May 5 8:10 pm

Good the doctor clarifies. I would be surprised she thinks CSJ suitable to be an MP. If CSJ loses I hope he is defeated convincingly because I feel those who support him would benefit from watching him perform in parliament. It would be a useful education. If the PAP side (see I can't even remember the candidate name!) wins by the skin of his teeth this is no good since many actually need the education but failed to get one.

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  1. But sometime what is best for the country may not necessarily be best for the people. At least in the short term, actually many policies are good but badly executed and effects underestimated.