Sunday, May 8, 2016

By Election Results: 61.2% vs 38.8%

I am often amazed how with just two numbers (actually one only) they could read so much into it. But like in literature class they can be many "valid" viewpoints.

I will go with KISS.

I am happy the results is way less than the upward of 70% the PAP got in the GE for Bukit Batok. For David Ong letting them down they should suffer a discount.

I am happy for CSJ whom I do not trust coming in with the best results he had ever gotten. The SDP needs it to be encouraged and soldier on.

Probably many of us are quietly worried of a very successful PAP becoming complacent which is inevitable since every time we checked they are human like us.

However one thing is clear, if the PAP can get more the likes of Tharman to join their party and stand for elections it is a sure winner.

Overall I think it was a big win for Singapore and this is sticking to the facts.


  1. Freud does slip...Think of Murali but fingered Tharman. There must be a fool-proof way not to mix up all our Malayalam aka Keralite MPs/Ministers...

    Cheers and as ever,

    Low Hou Loke