Sunday, April 24, 2016

Waiting to be "Amazoned" by Uber

The taxi industry and consumers are simply sitting ducks waiting to be "Amazoned" by Uber. Long term greedy just like Amazon is the approach Uber is taking. Once they have become dominant they will raise prices and their stock will go up big time. That is their pay day. However they could never execute their plan like Amazon and so their strategy is more obvious.

People are naive given the money faced characters behind this business if they are across the world's cities to do good for you. It is an amoral business pure and simple. If we do not learn to look after ourselves eventually we will become Uber's hostages.

As for our taxis companies they deserved the pressure and competition they are getting from Uber. Truly reveals the extent of their complacency and parochialism.

Good luck and please vote public transport.

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