Thursday, April 21, 2016

They are voters too: The Savings Bonds

Everyone of us except the only one who was debarred due to age have put good sums into the Singapore Savings Bonds, but when I try to encourage others to do the same, they are predictably uninterested. My private thoughts were always: they are voters too!

It is kinda of miracle that this system of electing a government through universal suffrage actually worked when most people can't even look after their financial best interest. The only folks I needn't encourage them to put money in this bond the the HNW friends. In fact for some their problem is the limit is too low and not worth the bother.

In an ideal world the elites should run the place but they regularly disqualify themselves because they are too selfish and exploitative of the hoi polloi. As a result, checks and balance is a necessity. Our system here is working well now but fragile. Investors do not care and are confident about us because to them as long as they can invest and profit before the roof caves, it is good enough for them.

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