Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Reading Admin Officers promo dinner

65 admin officers were promoted like they do every year in posh settings at some hotel. This year they have chosen the Shang. I am not suggesting this is wrong but the yearly choice of venue and luxury is more than a little interesting. Also don't envy them but be sad for ourselves. Here is why.

The ministers are always telling the these admin officers they need to spend more time on the ground in order to write meaningful policy papers and craft policies that are sensitive and suitable for conditions on the ground. How we ought to understand this with greater precision is this: You need to spend enough time on the ground to make your policy making useful to the ministers. But how much time is enough? If you are not sure you ought spend more rather than less right but that is not how they have been doing. In other words, policy makers will always remain out of touch until they are periodically publicly humbled. This is the cycle of arrogance and meekness we can expect. The cycle of out of touch and getting back in touch.

The elite-hoi polloi divide is an issue all over the world which we prefer to remain as an issue as well. Civil society should take note, continue to develop and keep the government on the ball and relevant.

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