Saturday, April 2, 2016

Frightened by Climate Change: Melting Ice Sheet

Spotted this first in ST and then its source in the NYT: Climate Model Predicts West Antarctic Ice Sheet Could Melt Rapidly.

I think I speak for a growing number of people increasingly concerned about Climate Change, but that article was the first time I felt fright. Concern will give way to fright and eventually fear. We are nearer the tipping point, and I am not referring to the melting ice but the reaction of whole societies. Locally lots of people here must be thinking of the rapidly warming weather and linking that with climate change even if it is better explained by the El Nino than directly global warming. Most people will confuse the secondary effects for the primary ones.

We will either respond to Climate Change massively, perhaps even going overboard or be condemned to a series of inconsequential baby steps with headline grabbing publicity. I don't believe societies will react with "just nice and just in time" especially when we don't know enough and all warnings are  based on probabilities, a habit of thought only good speculators are at home with.

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