Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dr Naik: Half right is most dangerous

It is easy for me to understand Dr. Zakir Naik by comparing him with the Christian equivalents I have come across. He is a dangerous man but it is not easy to tell. If you must listen to him, do not trust him too quickly but listen with a critical mind for a very long time. Once you trust him, you will stop checking his ideas and then you are sold.

Dr. Naik is excellent for preparing Muslims to be radicalized turning them eventually into candidates for terrorism (such types won't use the label on themselves) part way. He will not take you the whole journey but makes it easy for others to pick it up and complete the trip. The Malaysian government is naive, more likely it may already be too late and they find it all but impossible to stop him preaching in Malaysia. Many imans are probably already sold on his theology.

Dr Naik preaches and is an apologist for the superiority of Islam over other faiths. We have many Christian preachers who are also like him defending Christianity. If you think your religion is superior keep it to yourself or in private discussions over a meal with those from other faiths. The public square is not the place for such things. These are dangerous acts that can potentially bring about misunderstandings and divisions in societies.

What sort of Islamic theology is this which threatens the peace than protects it? Like those Christian preachers I come across doing us a disservice, Dr. Naik have failed the Muslims. Unfortunately the rank and file adherents of any religion are also often too gullible and easily misled.

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