Thursday, March 24, 2016

SMRT: Do they track near misses?

These trains and its systems are terribly expensive and we know for sometime they don't take care of them as they ought to. Simple, just consider something you can feel: the trains aircon. How often they don't cool, i.e., inadequate maintenance.

How do you make sure that everything is tip top? The surest way is when the smallest items are attended to. This has not happened to our trains and system for many years. Trains I took in Japan from their design which were obviously older than ours were in much better condition. Now what has this got to do with safety? Everything! I think this tragic accident was a tragedy waiting to happen! If they have had the right attitude it might have been avoided but of course in safety speak it would be billed as perhaps moving from one in a hundred thousand to one in a million, maybe from million to ten million whatever.

My question and only SMRT and LTA can answer is simple: Do they track near misses? The laws of probabilities is such that frequently there a many near misses before there is a hit. Near misses is a flashing amber light telling you trouble is coming. I fear they never bother. I am afraid they were too money minded.

A while ago I read an article by Today newspaper: Some SMRT staff upset over apparent disregard for workers’ safety. Need I say more. That is not TRS, TOC etc., alright.

Update: March 25 4:30pm

As usual Chris Tan writes an excellent article. This is the long form of what a sophisticated multilevel safety system would look like and which obviously was absent at SMRT. In shorthand, a fatality is not possible unless multiple levels also fail. The quality of such systems is checked against near misses, study them and follow up with preventive measures.

Looks like in some situations SMRT have a "you die your business" attitude toward their workers. If their health and safety are low priority do not expect high morale much less any chance of becoming a world class train system.

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  1. this is one time we need whistle blowers. hope the msm will not let us down as usual. todayonline article is a good start. if these people do their jobs, toc and tr emeritus would be marginalized.