Thursday, March 10, 2016

Got the Lenovo Tab 3

Bought this Lenovo Yoga 3 8" at IT Show on the first day. I traded in my faulty Galaxy Tab S for $70 so I needed only $229 to get this Yoga.

I like Lenovo Anypen Technolog. It is very useful for me to draw my thinking maps.

Newstead still short me the pouch and screen protector. I am not very keen of any of them but if convenient, I would redeem them at any of their outlets. What might be useful is a tempered glass screen protector which I can buy off eBay. As I use a graphite pencil to draw those map, I wonder if the screen protector is necessary.


  1. How does it compare with the tab s?

    1. Most people would prefer the Tab S, which I used to own. The Yoga Tab works for me because I wanted the Anypen technology to draw my thinking maps. I could have chosen the iPad Pro but I don't iOS and it is also over priced.