Thursday, March 17, 2016

Disciplinary Action: The Hep C outbreak at SGH

I was quite unhappy nobody was made to account for this fiasco. Glad to see they finally took disciplinary action. It is alright they failed to mention who got the stick over this.

Doctors that would not be quoted in private had commented that SGH was just unlucky, that it could have happened at other hospitals. Well they got the message loud and clear this isn't acceptable. There was a time for a very long time doctors regularly failed to wash their hands properly leading to countless needless infections. All these had to do with habits and procedures. The lives and well being of patients are of utmost importance.

I recall as a kid sometimes the old complained that they are going to the hospital to die. Looking back now I think I understand a little better what they meant. It was common for them to catch something else in hospital which turned out to be fatal.

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