Monday, March 7, 2016

$32 plus $268 to fix the Galaxy Tab S

The Tab S 10.5 has been in the workshop for almost a week now. Samsung had called me several times for my decision. I am not willing to pay $268 to have it fixed. They want to change the motherboard and battery, the latter I feel was optional. I bargained with them over the price, they responded I am already getting 30% off. I asked them to requote without the battery but that would only save me $50. I already paid $32 just to have them assess it. 

I think I paid $565 or $525 when new in 2014. Well it is out of warranty. 

Finally I told them I would wait till IT Show to decide if I want to go ahead with the repairs. Perhaps the Lenovo Tab 3 pro is more suitable for me. I want to draw my regular thinking maps on the Tablet. At the moment I am back to using Dia which being more cumbersome is much more powerful and that is indispensable when the maps become complex. Perhaps I should just forget about replacing the Tab S. Will decide this weekend. 

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