Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bought the cheapo HP Stream 13

Paid $271 ($289 - $17 from funny money; also comes with Office 365, McAffee and a 5,200 mAh powerbank) for the HP Stream 13 at Popular yesterday. I have never gotten a PC at such a low price! There was a time when a reasonable machine cost at least 3K. I still remember my IPC 80386 laptop which I paid 3.4K for. I paid between $900 to $1000 for Acer i7 about four years ago. It is working very well except for the power supply which kaput several months back. Fortunately I could cannibalized an old power unit as replacement. It works despite being a little under powered. I think it would just charge up the Li battery (still working!) more slowly. That is the love the machine gives back when you take very very good care of it. But I didn't know how to care for its power supply.

Saw this in the paper yesterday, it is ten times more expensive than my cheapo. To be fair this is an i7 machine but to be practical I no longer need such a powerful work horse. No more app development or intensive graphic work for me.

Meanwhile I have not figured out how to concurrently use my Acer i7 and this new HP Stream 13. Perhaps I shouldn't have bought this HP Stream eh? But it has several usability advantages which the Acer cannot offer.

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