Sunday, January 31, 2016

WP must find its way back

I have always felt that the PAP can only be destroyed from within. If you want to beat them there is only one strategy. Wait for them to do themselves in and they were on that path two GEs ago but they woke up from their complacency and mounted a strong comeback in the last year GE.

Unlike the CCP the PAP will always have difficulties testing their MP candidates and minister in the purifying furnace. It didn't help that they think the talent they had spotted are too valuable to risk destroying.  Compared to the competitive politics elsewhere these PAP wannabes are on the easy road. Then one day they become MPs and ministers the burden of testing them fall to us.

Not so for the opposition which face obstacles at every turn. The rejection email Lee Li Lian received was  an example of that. However I don't believe in making it easy for the opposition either because I remember those who can overcome the greatest odds as the unlikely underdog make the best leaders. Obama the unlikely candidate would have been a lesser President if he didn't have the odds stacked against him in the race to the White House.

WP needn't worry, neither us. The worriers should always be the PAP. Given enough time it is human nature that they will become complacent again. When that happens we shall fix them properly but would WP be ready? It is always the people and not another party that will fix the government.

As for WP they look like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. The situation have changed and what did they spend the last few months doing instead of understanding the new realities? If they do not know what is the smart thing to do, at least grasp that the old strategies no longer work.

What WP need are patient patriots more patriotic than the other side because their MPs may never in their careers get the chance to one day take control of parliament. That belongs to another generation. Meanwhile their role model isn't their secretary general but the now retired Chiam See Tong.

Never give up and never leave.

What about strategy? That is very simple, be whiter than white.

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