Sunday, January 24, 2016

Were the deported Banglas terrorists?

I was curious about the NYT perspective. This is a dropped on your lap opportunity to compare how we report this story versus them.

The Bangladesh authorities found there were no evidence of Al Qaeda or ISIS influence among those we had arrested and deported. In fact some of them were sent back to their families.

NYT also says,

Mr. Islam said that the 14 men who had been charged “were mentally ready to get involved with terror activities at any time,” but that the police had not found “any specific plan of carrying out an attack on any particular target.”

Now that is the Singapore difference, to play it safe enough don't even think! You never know such thoughts would little to tentative half-hearted actions which we consider sufficient to bring you in. Why else would there be the ISA if it satisfies the rigors of the law right?

So who has the accurate story? Singapore or Bangladesh? For now it does not matter. In time the truth will see the light of day. There are too many stories than I have time for now. We are brutal about keeping this place safe.

Damage control was swift. See below.

What choice have they got? To be fair their lives here would be considered hardship by locals but very good by their home standards.

Just don't think armed Jihad and you would be OK. Without thought there is no action. Here even the wrong reading materials is considered prejudicial.

You know these Bangladeshi workers might actually be planning to attack Singapore but our authorities prefer to keep that a secret with only a hint that the 27 could easily have changed their minds and attack us instead. 27 of them with long knives can do a lot of damage already.

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