Sunday, January 17, 2016

"Tweaking" our political system

What are the powers that be trying to do messing with our political system again? Who do they think they are? Founding fathers earned the right to do such things and so we accepted the changes LKY brought but these folks have not earned the moral right to do this. Sure they own the commanding heights in parliament but that again is also voters' unique and peculiar response to the harsh realities of ensuring Singapore's success.

In political systems, small changes have great impact. Tweaking is simply deceptive selling. Enough people here clever enough to see through it.

They better explain, persuade and sell this exceptionally well or be prepared for a backlash in the next GE. I can imagine they are trying to fix the Elected President system but you cannot depoliticise that if you ask us to approve a candidate via the ballot box!

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  1. Well 70% need to learn in the hard way. Somehow they deserve it.