Tuesday, January 12, 2016

School Parking: Too much power to bean counters

This one has my goat. First saw it last Friday, again the next day and many times on Facebook especially the one yesterday.

If we consider teaching a calling then we respect it as such. You don't want to keep strict scores with the teachers especially when they do not as well. This was made very clear when someone reminded us:

"Former teacher lists 13 examples of "fees" teachers have had to pay out of their own pocket...."

This inane idea of getting teachers to pay for parking in school of course come from bean counters who see and weigh the world as beans in different sizes and colour. There is a lot more to life than just beans. Unfortunately these government accountants have so much power.

I used to blog here a few years ago that the government was prone to know the price of everything but the value of nothing. This episode really remind me of that DNA once more. I hope we can do better.

Note this comment from the Facebook story:


  1. time for the teachers to start counting what they spend,
    and stop subsidizing the ministry of education

  2. Never had fond memories of my teachers and so does my son who still remembers 1 who scolds them throughout the year. Teachers are already well compensated for their time, effort leaves much to be desired. They should pay for parking, like how my son has to engage a private tutor because his teachers are not doing their job.

    1. My family shared much of your experience with our school teachers. I have blogged about this on and off. We have decided to make things better than to get even. At the end of the day there is an unusual number of special teachers and we are happy to have contributed to their success so that they could better help other teachers be better teachers.

      We always try to leave the place better than we first found it.