Monday, January 25, 2016

Is the Zika virus here already?

I screenshot this on December 31 last year intending to write about it but like so many things these days, never got around to it. I had wondered when it would arrive here and how long before the media picked it up, disseminate the info, when the public start to get worried. I also thought this is unnecessary since practically all of us are so connected to the Internet, we will know about Zika long before it appears in our newspapers.

But you need the newspapers to tell a story on Zika which enough people read for them to respond together. Before that people speak quietly and those with unborn kids worriedly to each other. I think that moment is now.

It would be extraordinary if Zika has not made home in Singapore by now but I hope we never have a Zika baby, and it is disturbing I have read in our papers about any test for the Zika.

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