Thursday, January 28, 2016

Accepting changes to the political system

Broadly I only bought the proposed changes because I read the 1984 speech by Lee Kuan Yew. I had earlier blogged by reservations on January 17.

Nevertheless I am uncomfortable that there is so little debate on this. Of course that is because the government have enough authority to act with little consultation. We are back to judge us by the results produced mode. I think this is short term thinking as you cannot at the end of the day persuade people the changes are necessary or even superior by arguing in counterfactuals. I thought LKY was explaining the changes he tried to move the house and people on much better than LHL.

I hope there will be more discussion in the days to come. Perhaps there is but I have missed the news on that. This is what happen when such developments are distraction to those like me who are so busy with their work.

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