Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Windows Display set to 125%

Tonight I moved from 100% to 125% display. No choice, we all lose visual acuity with age. Visual aids are never nearly as good as a plastic lens with strong and young ciliary muscles. At least I could still remember my Biology from long ago!

I see 150% is also available. I hope I never get to that point but you never know. The fact that Microsoft provided it suggest there are some who want it.

Update: 9:50pm

I just returned my Windows Display to 100% and vaguely recall that I have done this before! Yeah, I did something silly tonight.

Since a big chunk on time on the PC is spent looking at Google Chrome, the right thing to do was to set Chrome display up to 110 or 120% .


  1. Our standard/wireless keyboard and mouse can do the trick of enlarging display with "ctrl" and mouse wheel up or arrow up on keyboard.

    Play around and just use "ctrl" and keyboard number pad zero to go back to default display.

    Have a great week ahead...

    1. Thanks David, you are right! I had forgotten all about this.

  2. Another alternative is to go to add-on menu and search for "no squint" or "zoom" depending on yr preference. For me i used zoom.

  3. Forgot to mention, if you dont like these addons, u can easily uninstall under the addon menu.