Sunday, June 7, 2015

What the heck Malaysia's rescue workers

What the heck were these three Malaysian government rescue workers doing relaxing in front of the trail map of Mt. Kinabalu?

Time will tell if these folks from the government there to help were actually doing their job. Anecdotal evidence so far points to the regular guides doing the lion share of the hard and dangerous work rescuing people.

This is the age of social media, smartphones and ubiquitous connections. When the survivors are recovered enough and start sharing their experience we will know if these blokes are getting the credit they didn't deserve and the true heroes were passed over.

I am waiting but not hopeful. I recall how they botched the job saving people when Malaysia suffered flooding in many parts of the peninsula. They are also part of the culture which allowed MH370 to be lost, and I read they want to build nuclear power plants?

Update: 11:15 pm

Needn't need to wait long. The tourism minister has responded. Who cares about the 38 comments. They weren't there. I am waiting for more info.

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