Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Switching to Microsoft OneNote

Last night I switched from Evernote to OneNote by Microsoft. The experience is quite enjoyable thus far. In fact I like OneNote much better than Evernote. Why didn't I move over sooner?


  1. Hi, am an avid Evernote user myself. Was pondering whether to switch to other note-taking software too. Am using Evernote as an iphone app and as software on Windows 7 primarily.

    What are some of ways that OneNote outshines Evernote? Thanks!

    1. I share whatever I can as I only just started using OneNote.

      With EverNote I felt that I had to learn how to do things their way. It was like I know EverNote could do this or that, and then I had to explore how to do it. Much less with OneNote especially for those who are familiar with Office, and most of us are.

      The Windows implementation of OneNote is powerful like you are using Word day to day. Then when you look at it on my Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and my Note 4, they presents very well.

      I like the lined page feature when I am in handwriting mode using my Note4. I don't think this is available in Evernote.

      Most important what prompted my move was the 60Mb limit from Evernote. That was when I researched and gave OneNote a shot.

    2. Whenever you write a longer blog post about your experiences with OneNote, I'd love to link to it from my Twitter account @OneNoteC.
      Do you have a Twitter account yourself?
      Kind regards,
      Marjolein Hoekstra
      Microsoft OneNote MVP

    3. Sure, I have dormant Twitter account.