Sunday, June 7, 2015

Singaporeans feared dead in quake

Yesterday and this morning the first thing on my mind was to look for news of the kids and teachers surviving this quake. I was more hopeful yesterday but by last night my hopes of them surviving this was practically extinguished. It is time to grieve, and I think much of Singapore is grieving too. Especially painful to read that some of them are trapped under boulders and it is almost impossible to retrieve them.

This is especially hard for the parents because they had very reluctantly agree to letting Peony Wee go on this trip.

They will blame themselves for giving her permission. You might say it was an act of God that tragedy ambushed them but this is not the time, at least for a while to be rational. Reason must wait patiently and make way for grief. Deep bottomless grief like a black hole tugging at us too to enter its orbit.

So I must stop here because where can you find the words to continue?

Update: 7:50 am

Finally something from the WP. Haven't seen them on my Facebook for a very long time. Appreciate her empathy.

Update: June 8, 8:55 pm

The PM said it best especially the poem by Robert Laurence Binyon (1869-1943). I just went to his page to take a look after I saw him changed his profile pic to the one his father passed away.

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