Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Singapore warns the USA over TPP

I  have been somewhat anxious about this. I have been wondering given how high the stakes are and seeing how it has been defeated in Congress what is our government doing to warn the Americans how stupid they acting on this one. Shanmugam spoke the right words to them. This is one of those times I wished we still have LKY to give some lawmakers an education only he had the gravitas to deliver but Shanmugam has done as good a job as possible.

In many words Shanmugam is asking the Americans: Are you stupid?

I hope not.

Update: June 17 6:15 am

America quickly telling Asia, "We are not that stupid"

It is incredible just by using the S word, how much less you need to write!

Update: June 17 2:10pm

Reported in the ST front page this morning. Tiny Singapore lecturing superpower USA. What audacity and chutzpah.

Update: June 18 9:40am

That is the beauty of dealing with the Yankees. Try doing that with China? Let China dominate our part of the world you will be taking orders without them being issued. You will have to learn from reading cues. They are masters at it but it is a horrible waste of time and stupid face saving. We would have lost what little freedom with have.


  1. here's a comic strip on TPP