Saturday, June 6, 2015

PM: We are not ready for same sex marriage

Nobody should be surprised on this one. What is interesting is studying the comments.

My take is at least half or more of us are not too bothered about this issue at the moment. This is the anecdotal silent majority. Those who care about this and are against out number those who would want to see same sex marriage legalized here. However if the latter group push harder, I think more from the silent majority will come out against them.

It would be very interesting to watch what the Pink Dot gathering is like this year. Would they attract even more supporters? When they light up in pink as darkness falls, I thought that was a pretty sight to behold. As for love, I think they are looking for it and are confused between finding and discovering love. Many heterosexual marriages aren't even about love, so in that sense same sex relationships are farther along discovering God's love.

The commonest love in our society is that between parent and child rather than between husband and wife. Regularly we see over time spouses more attached to their parents than their other halves. The stronger love between parent and child looks set to persist into the next generation. In fact this is the hidden strength sustaining our society.

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