Tuesday, June 16, 2015

PM sympathetic to the Pink agenda

Twenty hours ago the PM changed his profile picture to one wearing pink. He had not turned up at Hong Lim on Saturday when Pink Dot invited him. I believe he is on leave holidaying in Hokkaido.

How should we read this? Very simple. He is sympathetic to giving LGBT more civic space and freedom but the conservative public is not yet supportive. Therefore he wants Pink Dot to slow down and bide their time.

Except for economic under performers e.g, Russia, the developed economies are leaning toward Pink. As usual the government reasons are driven by the needs to have a high performing economy. The data seems to point out that gay friendly cities are economic dynamos.

The situation in SG is different and Pink Dotters should not imitate their western cousins to advance their interests here. Similarly Lawrence Khong and Noor Deros ought to do likewise. Everyone is free to push their interest but it must be done the Singapore way.


  1. The problem with today's world is that most people do not seem to have any patience and live as if there is no tomorrow. Society does not exist just for the moment. There have not been any public outcry about LGTB and this explicit assertion for right to exist (and the explicit counter attack by the likes of righteous Apostle Lawrence Khong are making life most uneasy for people on both sides - and those in between. Live and let live - and have tolerance for each other. Why let the evil one cause havoc??

  2. The US in all its perceived mission of asserting individual human right had done it. Condoned same sex marriage.

    To share is this piece though written back in 2004, much therein still make sense.

    also some thoughts arising from this other piece - Same-sex marriage debate
    Where does Pope Francis stand on same-sex marriage?

    There is certainly more than just what the surface suggests

    1. Thanks. I appreciate Pope Francis wisdom in pointing out to us that context is vital or else every said is unhelpful.