Monday, June 15, 2015

Khong the inane troublemaker

Oh my, oh my this Lawrence Khong is a trouble maker. Excerpted by Mothership what Khong preached on Sunday.

If you want to wear white be white also but you are not by a long shot. Since you are not white why don't you wear any color including pink?

Three quarters of SG population wearing white? I wished to make a bet with him. This one I will win. There is not enough hypocrisy in this town to make the numbers, and if are really wearing white because we are living such good lives, I am happy to lose the wager. Never bet when heads I win, tails you lose. Because I lose this wager, I make it back many times elsewhere! Khong is stupid. I just explained how.

Calling other Christians cowardly? What a bigoted man of God you are! You can't accept that there are other points of views? Assuming you are right which I don't think so, what about other Christians still exploring this issue? You are an irresponsible preacher to sermonize this way.

Ideology needs bodies you idiot (I just explain why he is an idiot from his own speech). He has forgotten he was never able to separate the ideology from the people. You are not Christ who knew how to release a person from his demons and sent those spirits into swines. You only know how to crush the ideology by destroying the human vessels. No wonder they lash back at you. If not for the government restraining them I fear what might come of you.

Finally I realize this man doesn't understand very much about love and sex. If you only truly understood you would have something to teach the LGBT. You mistook what remains after Adam and Eve were driven out of Eden with what was before. Why do you think sex is so private? Exactly!

But a spiritual war is being fought which sex is becoming increasingly public because nobody learns its abuse and perversion when it is private. Typically God loves to win by at first losing. I am not completely sure, perhaps one day pornography could turn out to be a Trojan horse for good over evil but I am only trying to describe things which at the moment I could only see vaguely. Meanwhile if you indulge in porn, you shortchange yourself often without even knowing what you have lost. For the spirits of darkness will do everything to expel love from sex.

Christians by and large do not have exemplary marriage or family lives. When they wear white they pass themselves off to be better than they really are. By all means wear white but not on the next Pink Dot Day.

The PAP were admired for their white clothes but by 2012 they were scoffed at by so many they had their worst support ever. They had the last few years to repent without publicly admitting so. Sure wear white, but you better live up to the color. In time to come Khong's followers will be getting all the negative publicity than the Pink Dotters. Because people act on relativity. If we dislike your group more, we will deal with you first. Why? Because you make social trouble, upsets the peace. If the Pink Dotters exceed their OB markers the silent majority will deal with them later without you. And who will be doing the hatchet job? The government of course. Haven't they already warn you all in private?

Update: 2:30pm

Khong if he really wants to show the exemplary husband and wife relationship should have used Mother Teresa relationship with Jesus Christ as her husband which was quite public.

Update: 3:55pm

Found this at Barry's blog.

Barry must know a half white and half pink society isn't going to happen. It is just rhetoric which I found unhelpful. If you submit that to the practical test these two groups will be attacking each other and create so much chaos before they get a change to wear their preferred colors.

First they imagine lynching the other side on social media. Given enough time they will do it for real. All this will happen way before we get to 50/50. Right now we have less than a percent pink and white. Already the government feels uncomfortable enough to restrain both sides.


  1. All religions are good.
    Just that some followers intrepret their religion to their advantage/motive/agenda becos of power, greed, control,etc

  2. I have been searching the whole new testament for the word "hate" but I can't find any. The only christian place where you learned about hate, came only thru Lawrence Kong's mouth. He needs to be reborned to understand the meaning of Jesus Christ.

  3. In case this is news to you, Mother Theresa lost her faith many decades before her death. Some 20 years before her death she didn't even pray to God any more.

    1. Thanks but looks like you have not read the book mentioned in the news article. I have. She was experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul which St. John of the Cross wrote centuries before but somehow she wasn't aware.

      Here is the link to interpreted version. The original was in Spanish, old and hard to follow. See

  4. If whatever the dated Reuters article said, there is always that "dark night of the soul" experience for each of us (unless we have no room for anything other than secularism and material greed). For people on the path of sainthood, it is even more intensified. In fact Mother Teresa's (and anyone) doubt on faith would be real potent strength.
    Over and above the sensationalist media, it is worth reading this piece from New York Times - A Saint Dark Night
    By JAMES MARTIN Published: August 29, 2007

  5. Religious bigotry is the first step to destruction of many. It is very sad that those who claim to represent God in the name of whatever creed they profess know so little of their own and have no tolerance. They will only look for anything - no matter how myopic and unsubstantiated that will justify their stand and mock those they do not agree with.